Aphreka EP

FLeCK & Blue Hill - Aphreka EP feat. I-Lodica

Aphreka EP Cover Aphreka EP Cover

Ulan Bator Records returns with first common vinyl release of Greece producers FLeCK & Blue Hill.

Unveiling a subtle Hellenistic spirit the four track Aphreka EP intermingles dub minded sounds with samples and interpretations borrowed of the wider Mediterranean world. Title track Aphreka arrives with an original dub and a stepper version covered by an uplifting theme and accompanied by the elaborated melodica play of I-Lodica. More forward, Dunya Dub starts with a lovely flute hookline pushed by a massive bassline later on. Referencing classical Levantine bouzouki music Tekes Dub ends up kicking meditative to the traditional Greece-Minor Asia motive. For all those dubbers without musical borders FLeCK & Blue Hill promise adventuring for new shores. Dub strictly born from heart!

Style: Dub, Steppers, Bass
Label: Ulan Bator Records
Cat-No.: ULAN 005
Format: 12'' EP (33rpm)
Release Date: 25.11.2016

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